Geraldo Maciel Voleyball Agency  is a company specializing in volleyball athletes management, founded by Geraldo Maciel. We work promoting athlets carreer, respecting their history, individuality, essence and values. Our philosophy is “The welfare of the player is above any contract”.

The success of an athlete consists of several elements: talent, discipline, training, dedication, professionalism. Each component contributes to build a complete individual, in all spheres. The agency is a key part of this compound and even helps the professional to meet each ingredient just right for his career to be successful and profitable. It is our company understand the individual characteristics of each athlete and make a plan that will enable our customer to achieve the maximum possible performance.

Because we know the importance of our job in athletes’ life, we work to offer customized services with excellence in order to meet customer expectations and market requirements. We operate worldwide making negotiations with Europeans, South Americans and Asian clubs.


Geraldo Maciel

Gegê, how they call the creator of the company, has worked for 12 years as a sports agent. But it is not only this market experience that makes him an outstanding professional in the segment in which it operates : he’s been in “the other side” of this commercial relationship: he was professional volleyball athlete and played world championships. So now he can bring to business world his vision of sportsman.

After leaving the courts, Gegê graduated in law, became a lawyer and chose to keep working in the world of sports. Today he works with great volleyball names: athletes in all Brazilian teams (base or adult) and also other nationalities. The objective is to promote and manage the careers of the players, respecting the history of each, their individuality, essence and values.

Regor Molina

Born in Havana, graduated in Physical and Sports Culture in Cuba, Molina moved to  Brazil in 2013 and began his experience as Volleyball Manager.

Bringing his experience as a Volleyball Head Coach in Cuba, today is part of the #TeamGM as Agent and  Scout for young potential players.


Some of our players

Renan Santos
Erick Luiz
Position 4