Final defined.

In search of the hexa in the competition, the Minas Gerais team will face Sesi-SP, who qualified after defeating Sesc-RJ in the other semi-final. This year, the final will be played in two games, with each team having a command. The first game will be in São Paulo, and the second game of the decision will be in Belo Horizonte. If each finalist wins a match, the tiebreaker will be played in the golden set, in which the winner takes the title regardless of the match scores.

If each finalist wins a duel, the tie will be made in the golden set, where the winner takes the title, regardless of the scores of the clashes. For having made a better campaign, Cruzeiro decides at home.

Live game scheduling

Saturday, April 28
15:00 – Sesi-SP x Sada Cruzeiro
Gymnasium Ibirapuera РṢo Paulo

Sunday, May 6
09:00 – Sada Cruzeiro vs. Sesi-SP
Gymnasium Mineirinho – Belo Horizonte